Books and Short Stories


Available now  - and it's available in paperback too.

November 10... last day to get the ebook on Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and any other sites.

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Dane's Redemption 

in Weird and Wonderful - an anthology of Romance Stories


Trapped in the body of a bat, Dane has lost hope of being human again. On International Bat Night, he’s drawn to Tessa, a descendant of the witch who cursed him.

Tessa is wary of bats, but when one’s injured she has to save it.

Dane counts himself lucky that Tessa cares for him, and his attraction to her grows each day, but will either of them survive her attempts to break the spell? 


And here's what I'm preparing for release in 2020

Light the Way 

 A Series Set on Earth and Other Worlds

  • Book One - Beacon to Love    

  • Book Two - Space pirates aren't all bad

  • Book Three - Secret uncovered

  • Book Four - Chance to love

And other works in progress


 (4 books) Fantasy. Earth and Immortal World.

Immortals are forbidden to intervene in human affairs, but are allowed to ease individual suffering. What happens when the rules are broken?

      Rough Break 

Romantic Suspense

A new start in the country doesn't work out  as planned and continuing to hide isn't an option.

Short works to be published as a collection

  • The Jade Bees - Present day fantasy set on Earth

  • The Quartz Sarcophagus - Futuristic Sci-fi

  • The Genie - Magical romance

  • This Shop's not for Sale - Contemporary romance 

  • Beach Break - Contemporary romance