About Susannah

Susannah spent the first ten years of her life in the English countryside daydreaming, chasing butterflies and reading fantastic tales of magic and mystery. Her favourite TV shows were Doctor Who, UFO, Captain Scarlett and Star Trek. 

One day her parents decided Australia would be a nice place to live. 

During the long voyage Susannah learned the value of an active imagination. The only kids' movie choices for the 25 days were an Elvis Presley flick or Disney's Dumbo. And, no refection on Elvis or Dumbo, after about ten minutes in the cinema, with her stomach roiling she'd have to do a dash to the upper decks. 

Despite that experience, she still loves the sea, but prefers to feel the sand between her toes.

A librarian and mum to one human and two fur babies (canine and feline), she loves to write fantasy and sci-fi adventure romance stories set on Earth and other worlds.